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About Us

In the beginning ....... 

Who would have thought that lighting a pleasantly scented candle a couple of Christmases ago would bring a little family business springing into life?  But that is exactly what happened!  As we enjoyed the ambience created by the candle’s fragrance, we wondered just how difficult it would be to make these for ourselves?    

Well… we soon found out!  Because making a good candle is not as easy as simply melting some wax, sticking a wick in the middle and lighting it … oh no!  We were soon to discover that there is a lot more involved in creating a candle that looks good, burns well, smells delightful and lasts for a reasonable length of time.

First of all we found that we needed patience, and lots of it, because producing a candle that we were happy with took a lot of testing…an awful lot of testing……..and perhaps a little bit of witchcraft along the way?

But in the main, our learning journey together was fun! Although that's not to say there wasn’t a considerable amount of frustration along the way what with the blending and testing of different waxes, fragrances and wicks (wicks being the biggest bane of our experimentation as it turned out!) 

There were times when one or the other of us would get despondent about the apparent lack of progress being made and feel like giving up…, but thankfully not all of us at the same time!! When this happened and one of us lost the will, the others rallied to the cause and the family war cry became "We've come this far, we can't give up now!!!"

And sure enough after 14 months of testing, experimenting, testing, blending, testing and er…, a bit more testing, we finally created a candle we were happy with.

We had decided at the beginning that we wanted our candles to be made from natural wax and eventually, we settled upon a blend of Soy, Coconut and Rapeseed waxes. This, when combined with a top of the range fragrance oil and a cotton and linen wick, produced a candle that burns cleanly, smells good both lit and unlit and lasts on average for between 45 – 50 hours, although in testing, some have lasted far longer than this!

At last, we now have what we had initially set out to achieve…, a quality range of candles made from quality ingredients. 

And so to our Reed Diffusers.

Initially, it was only candles that we had in mind, but before long it became apparent to us that Reed Diffusers would be the perfect complement to our candle range, particularly for smaller rooms.

We found also, that a number of people like to have them in their workplaces where, due to Health & Safety regulations, a candle with a naked flame is not allowed.

Our Reed Diffusers are produced from an odourless, colourless base oil blended with the same top quality fragrance oils that we use in our candles.  The fragrance from a Reed Diffuser is dispersed by the reeds, which soak up the fragranced liquid and release it into the air by way of evaporation.

Whilst there are many reeds available for this purpose, after testing and experimenting, we decided to use fibre reeds which at 175mm long and 6mm diameter are shorter and thicker than those in a lot of Reed Diffusers found on the market.  We found they gave the best performance by way of both fragrance strength and longevity. They also look real classy!

In testing, our Reed Diffusers lasted on average between 8 – 12 weeks, with some even exceeding this!            

We very much hope the fragrance from our candles and reed diffusers will delight your olfactory senses!

For now, we will continue to test new fragrances to further expand our range and news of these will be forthcoming……...